NHCS WAVES newsletter

Project Description Newsletter distributed to employees of New Hanover County Public Schools. The piece informed its readership about staff achievements, new hires within the administration, system-wide events and community outreach efforts. star Client: New Hanover County Public Schools star Photography provided by NHC Schools.…
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NHCS Annual Report

Project Description Annual report for New Hanover County Public Schools. Distributed to parents of children attending NHC schools as well as families of potential students new to the area. The piece contained information about school system structure, educational specialties, achievements…
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NHCS minority recruitment brochure

Project Description Brochure with a rollfold that reveals employees’ stories as each new panel is opened. The purpose of the piece was to help encourage minority recruitment among educators at job fairs and state conferences. It represented various ethnic groups and highlighted the opportunities…
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School policies website

Project Description Custom front-end website design for Pender County, NC school policy information. Pender County Schools needed to have a convenient way of sharing this information publicly – and it had to be easily updated. The resulting website offers a completely…
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