About Me

Graphic designer seeks professional partners for creative shenanigans

Hi! My name’s Hillary, and I’m into solving visual puzzles, using both sides of my brain simultaneously, and making the a world a better place through good design.

Turn-ons include: top-notch typography, clever composition, carefully crafted color palettes, and phenomenal photography. (Also, I think the smell of freshly printed materials is pure catnip.)

My M.O. for work and life is the same – to keep both my mind and eyes open, and just keep on growing. If you feel the same, let’s see what we can create together!

Hillary Edgin

Designer, maker o’ thangs

My work is made up of these parts

Print collateral design

Brochures, catalogues, annual reports, magazines, books, programs, flyers, postcards, maps … anything printed you can think of, I’ve probably designed it!


Front-end web design

At WordwrightWeb, I designed website siteplans and graphics, and directed the implementation of that artwork by the programming team.

Advertising design

Display ads for newspapers, magazines, theatre programs, trade publications – whether for print or digital media, I make sure your message gets heard.

WordPress theme websites

Setup and customization of WordPress themes so websites got a distinctive look without the custom price tag. (While at WordwrightWeb)


Logo design

The intersection of art and science. Distilling your entire essence into one mark is challenging. But distinctive branding in the age of crowdsourcing is worth it.

And a little copywriting, too

Yes, I’m accountable for all this drivel.

And I’ve worked on projects with some swell folks over the years

I have a big box of crayons (metaphorically and literally). So, let's get started already!